“It can be said that the family business serves as the brains behind innovation, the heart behind local philanthropy. We are a part of our community; we deal with issues in real time, and there is no multi-level bureaucracy. We empower our team to find solutions that provide a win for both sides. Community involvement is also a cornerstone of our company. Simply it’s faith, family and paying it forward. Lee is committed to connecting people to people through enriching our employees lives by volunteering time and resources with a focus on our local communities and youth programs.” -Bob Lee, Jr., CEO

Lee & Madrigrano Arts Foundation

Natalie Lee and Shirley Madrigrano Arts Foundation In 2016, Bob Lee Jr. and Joe Madrigrano Jr. established the Natalie Lee and Shirley Madrigrano Arts Foundation dedicated to providing creative outlets for children not interested in sports in honor of their mothers. Both women were dedicated to enriching not only their own children but all children in the Kenosha community and beyond. At the end of 2018, the Foundation grew by 150% thanks to the continued generous support by members of The Lee Family & Lee Plumbing Mechanical Contractors combined contribution of $30,000 in honor of Natalie Lee, that was matched by a $30,000 donation by [...]

The Grinch Visits the Lee Team

The Grinch Visits the Lee Team The Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha's CEO, Jake McGhee, disguised as the Grinch, visited Lee's Bob Lee-dressed as Santa-this week as part of the club's "Don't Be A Grinch" campaign. "Santa" made a donation on the Lee Team's behalf to the "Grinch" to get him to leave. Lee is proud to support such great organizations as the Boys and Girls Club of Kenosha

Bob Hartman and Bob Lee Vintage

Bob Hartman and Bob Lee Vintage A black and white photo of Bob Hartman and Bob Lee, from their high school baseball days. Bob Lee Sr., the former President and founder of Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric, had his own run with fame. A left-handed pitcher with a knack for striking out opposing batters, Bob Lee Sr. was a baseball phenom who might have had a great career as a major league pitcher had it not been for an injury to his pitching arm.

Lennox Feel The Love Program and Lee

National “Feel the Love” Program Members of Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electric’s residential HVAC team were honored to be part of Lennox’s “Feel the Love” program on Saturday, October 6th. According to the Lennox website, Feel the Love “works to support deserving families or individuals in their community who would benefit from a new piece of heating equipment installed prior to the winter weather season, and the program relies on nominations from the community to determine each year’s recipients. These deserving folks have made it their mission to support their neighbors and they always put others first, and the Lennox team is honored to be able [...]

March to End Alzheimer

March to End Alzheimer Emma Lee, daughter of Bob Lee, Jr., displayed the commitment to the community that Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electronic family is known for recently. Emma participated in the Walk to End Alzheimers, held at University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The 2018 fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association was held on September; participants raised well over $100,000.

“Get the Lead Out” Water Purification Project

“Get the Lead Out” Water Purification Project Wirch letter: Sept. 2018 letter from Sen. Robert Wirch, thanking Bob Lee, Jr. and the team at Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric for their support of the “Get the Lead Out” water purification project in Kenosha.

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