Lee in the community

“It can be said that the family business serves as the brains behind innovation, the heart behind local philanthropy. We are a part of our community; we deal with issues in real time, and there is no multi-level bureaucracy. We empower our team to find solutions that provide a win for both sides. Community involvement is also a cornerstone of our company. Simply it’s faith, family and paying it forward. Lee is committed to connecting people to people through enriching our employees lives by volunteering time and resources with a focus on our local communities and youth programs.” -Bob Lee, Jr., CEO

Hometown Hero Brings Baseball Back to Kenosha

Back to Kenosha... In 1983, years after starting the plumbing business and with his family well-established and successful in their own right, Bob Lee Sr. learned that the Minnesota Twins were “shopping” their single A minor league baseball affiliate. They were looking for a new home for the team. Lee, who never lost his love for the game after having an outstanding high school career and a stint in the minor leagues with affiliates of the Milwaukee Braves, called his good friend Roland Hemond. “This is how you continue a dream,” Lee stated. “I knew it was a long shot. But I didn’t [...]

A Kid from Kenosha Pitching in the Minors

Off to the Minors... The following year was 1955 and Lee was assigned by the Braves to their minor league affiliate to the Corpus Christi Clippers in the Big State League. The Clippers played in Corpus Christi for just four years, from 1954-1957 but several future major league stars played there. “Don Leppert was my catcher,” Lee stated. After catching Lee at Corpus Christi, Leppert went on to catch in the majors for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Senators. His major league career lasted only three years, but he hit a homerun in his first major league at bat. He would later go on [...]

The “Early Days” of Mr. Baseball in Kenosha

The Early Days... Baseball is a sport that catches the fascination of almost every boy growing up in America. Here in Kenosha, there have been a lot of great names going on to baseball careers. Names like Ray Berres, Dick Bosman and Bob Hartman to name a few. Bob Lee Sr., the former President and founder of Lee Mechanical, had his own run with fame. A left-handed pitcher with a knack for striking out opposing batters, Bob Lee Sr. was a baseball phenom who might have had a great career as a major league pitcher had it not [...]