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Cross Connection 101

Cross connection may not be a familiar term to many homeowners, but it can lead to harmful contamination of a water supply. Luckily, there are many safeguards and standards in place to protect consumers. Your friends at Lee want to share important information about cross connections and backflow. We are here to help with all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

By definition, a cross connection is a “direct or potential arrangement of a potable water system that is – or could be – connected to a source that is susceptible to contamination.”* Secure, properly installed cross connections simply bring drinking water through various plumbing fixtures. If there are issues with the installation or with the built-in safeguards (like those found on kitchen and bath faucets), the potential for backflow increases. During a backflow occurrence, contaminants are able to flow from a fixture (or piece of equipment) back into drinking water.

Backflow can pop up as a result of a power outage, a water main break or during a water shutoff for residential plumbing projects. During these incidents, the negative pressure or backflow can release contaminants into the water. To prevent backflow from occurring, manufacturers and installers ensure that backflow preventers have been secured. These sections include various check valves that force water to only flow in the proper direction.

To lessen the chance that backflow or back siphonage can occur, the Department of Natural Resources mandates that certain safeguards are in place, for both commercial and residential locations. Wisconsin Administrative Code DNR 811 states that “every municipal water system shall develop and implement a comprehensive control program for the elimination of all existing cross-connections and prevention of all future cross-connections.” The Lee team is up to date on all compliance requirements. It only takes one call to schedule a convenient appointment. Our technician can come to your home or worksite and conduct a thorough inspection of the plumbing systems to ensure that no potential hazards exist. Contact us today.

*Source cited: https://www.wsscwater.com/customer-service/customer-regulations/cross-connection-control/explaining-cross-connections-bac.html


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