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Lee Combines Old School and New Technology

Lee Mechanical was part of a large project for Kenosha County earlier this year which utilized old-fashioned teamwork as well as cutting-edge technology. Camosy Construction was the Construction Manager of the $20 million Brookside Care Center expansion project, which broke ground in 2016. The overall project consisted of constructing two linked facilities, which added almost 70,000 square feet to the location. Extensive remodeling also occurred at the existing facility.

The size of the project necessitated a large number of contractors and subcontractors. Lee had 10-12 plumbing and electrical technicians working on the Brookside project. Teamwork, consistent communication and an accelerated schedule were all aspects that had to be addressed and managed each work day. These are nothing new to the Lee team, which has built its reputation on providing quality services through the efforts of every staff person. As highlighted on their website, safe work practices and honesty are important requirements at Lee. Our philosophy includes mutual respect for all individuals, application of innovation and a service-the-customer mentality.

To maximize the hours spent working and partnering with other specialists at Brookside, Lee Mechanical utilized Building Information Modeling (BIM). BIM allows for a very detailed, 3D depiction of all areas of a facility, inside and out. This digital view can be shared with architecture, engineering and construction stakeholders, so pre-planning can occur. This pre-planning results in cost-saving collaboration and efficiency, as contractors can proactively solve obstacles to staying on budget and on schedule.

Lee technicians also incorporated the Trimble ® RTS Series Robotic Total Station system to further expedite their plumbing and electrical tasks. The Trimble RTS system offers construction-specific or renovation project functionality to be operated by just one worker, which adds up to cost savings for the facility owner.

Lee technicians used their familiarity with the needs of the project to tie into utilities already onsite. This connection was made and work completed without any disruption to Brookside’s staff or its residents.

“With the aid of BIM Technology, the Trimble layout and a collaborative Construction Management team, we were able to operate efficiently and completed the project for Kenosha County on time and on budget,” explained Bob Lee, Jr., President of Lee Mechanical

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