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New Technology = New Advantages

Lee Mechanical has been serving southeastern Wisconsin commercial and residential customers since 1976. Times and technologies have changed since those early days, as have clients’ needs. Lee continues to stay at the forefront of cutting edge solutions to meet those needs efficiently and effectively. The commercial building boom in Wisconsin is keeping Lee technicians busy; a variety of new technologies are being utilized on job sites.

Having to deal with a completely unexpected challenge mid-completion-or having to go back and correct issues after project completion-adds time, resources and expenses for the project’s owner and for team members. What if there was a way to more accurately scope out the complexity of, and potential obstacles to, a project even before it starts? The leaders at Lee Mechanical are incorporating a new modeling technology to do just that.

Lee team members are working on a new four-story, 50,000-square-foot Medical Office Building for Froedtert South, scheduled for completion in mid-2019. An essential part of the planning for this project involved the Building Information Modeling (BIM) platform. With the BIM software, each team of specialists can view all of the project’s building systems ahead of time, prior to construction. This advance knowledge, and collaboration between all construction team members, allows for flexibility.  Obstacles to success and to staying on budget can be identified, and adjustments made before groundbreaking. Changes made prior to the start of the project offer significant cost savings and avoid having to go back to address issues once the property is completed.

Staying at the forefront of the new technologies like BIM gives Lee Mechanical the ability to complete large-scale projects on time, on budget. Contact the Lee team today to discuss your next project!


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