Lee Mech Wintercare101

Winter Care 101 for Commercial HVAC

Whether you are a small business owner in Kenosha or an operations director for a sprawling corporation, Lee Mechanical is here to meet your needs this winter. While home furnaces tend to get a lot of press in the fall, Lee Mechanical also handles installation and maintenance of large scale commercial HVAC systems. These systems, which can include boilers, furnaces, A/C units and energy recovery ventilators, are designed for commercial in businesses and operational facilities of varying sizes. Like the residential HVAC systems, commercial equipment also needs to be professionally maintained and serviced. Neglecting this area of your business can lead to costly repairs and can impact employee safety as well as productivity. Contracting with dedicated, experienced Lee technicians for installation and scheduled maintenance of your commercial HVAC equipment provides peace of mind, helps extend the life of your heating and cooling units and frees up your time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Smaller options

Have a smaller business space that needs heating during the winter? Lee Mechanical also installs Hot Dawg ® power-vented heating units. These units are perfectly sized for light commercial or industrial locations. They are more efficient-and free up more space-than traditional space heaters. Hot Dawg units are quiet and can be powered by natural gas or propane, depending upon the client’s needs.

Snow melt systems

Did you know? Lee can help with exterior heating systems for your business as well! An added safety feature for businesses is a snow melt system. These systems involve running mats or cables underneath sidewalks, driveways and parking lots; they are connected to sensors which activate heat when snow is detected. Once the sensors have been activated, heat is dispensed throughout the mat or the cables. As the area heats up, it melts snow and ice. Snow melt systems offer an excellent return on investment by providing faster snow and ice melt and safer walkways for employees and customers. Snow melt sensors can be installed in a large area (including parking lots) or in a much smaller part of your business, like front sidewalks. We will work to meet your specific needs. Contact the Lee team today to learn more about options for installing this system at your location.


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