Indoor Air Quality & Productivity: Hire Commercial HVAC Experts

Several studies have demonstrated the negative effects of poor air quality on productivity, some citing up to a 10% increase in efficiency. Can you justify losing out on that much work, annually because your commercial HVAC system is not up to par?

After several months of avoiding the Wisconsin weather outside, indoor air quality can suffer if your HVAC system is not properly cared for.

But, where do you start? Heating and cooling systems are comprised of large, complex equipment – if you haven’t been trained to work on them, it’s likely that you have many HVAC questions concerning your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or other equipment. Lee Mechanical is here to help.

Large HVAC Systems

Both air quality and adequate air flow are vital to the daily operations of businesses everywhere. Without proper airflow, heating and cooling, HVAC systems, equipment, and general operations suffer, resulting in increased costs and reduced performance. Not to mention, the health and well-being of your employees is incredibly important. In order to achieve this type of comfortable environment, you will need reliable, effective, and professional ventilation solutions for your commercial business in Kenosha.

Commercial HVAC System Regular Maintenance

Commercial HVAC systems are expensive heating and cooling systems that need someone, or even a group of people, to regularly ensure that all components run properly. Unplanned repairs themselves can be expected to be more costly if regular commercial HVAC system maintenance is not attended to. Additionally, the outdoor components of the system can be difficult to repair during the winter in Wisconsin.

If the commercial HVAC system breaks down, repairs may be just the beginning of the cost, depending upon the location’s seasonal and ventilation requirements. This will cause frustrated employees at best, and loss of clients, product, and revenue at worst. Because of this, regular maintenance of a commercial HVAC system must remain a priority for any business, large or small. Below are some of the most important things to do when maintaining a large commercial HVAC system in Wisconsin.


Filters on your commercial HVAC system should be replaced every one to six months, depending upon usage level and filters debris collection, which calls for regular filter inspection and replacement, if necessary. A dirty filter not only redistributes collected particles into the air, but also has the potential to disrupt airflow and cause breakdowns in fans or heated elements that depend upon air return, meaning more costly repairs than a simple filter replacement.


Once or twice annually, evaporator and condenser coils should be replaced to prevent the growth of mold. If mold does take root, it can quickly spread through the building, causing untold costs to repair the damage to the facility and the health of employees or other building occupants. By cleaning the coils regularly, the energy efficiency of the entire HVAC system will also improve, which will save a noticeable amount of money on electric bills.


Commercial HVAC systems must be properly maintained on a regular basis to prevent emergency repairs and possible heat loss in the middle of a Wisconsin snowstorm. Preventative maintenance, such as inspecting fans and cleaning the blades or lubricating the bearings is the best solution.

This is a labor-intensive and often expensive operation, but it must be done to ensure that the air quality within the building is safe from mold and other harmful particles. This ought to be done roughly every two years, allowing for time to budget appropriately for building occupant health & safety.

Remember, all of these items should be completed by a licensed professional, like Lee Mechanical. If you have any questions about our commercial HVAC system maintenance services or any other HVAC service, please contact us for more information.


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