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Out of the Box, Off-Site Ideas

In a construction project’s best case scenario, general contractors, subcontractors and specialists have excellent weather, lots of time at a worksite, no complications and plenty of space to maneuver and to store supplies. While Lee’s technicians can’t always count on having lots of room or enjoying a stress-free project, they have found a way around lack of space and inclement weather. Not having to worry about either challenge is a distinct competitive advantage for Lee!

To increase their capacity and to prepare for the continued commercial building boom in southeastern Wisconsin, Lee is constructing a 5,000-square-foot building near I-94. The purpose of the building is to accommodate pre-fabrication work for Lee’s plumbing, mechanical and electronic systems.

“[Lee] is in the process of building a structure where our plumbing, mechanical, and electrical can pre-fab offsite components necessary to build the mechanical systems. This allows work to done in a controlled environment, delivered to the project as needed, already assembled, which saves time on the install portion of the project,” stated Bob Lee, President of Lee Mechanical.

Not only will the offsite building provide more space to construct and assemble project-specific systems, it also provides an edge for Lee technicians. More time and attention can be spent on high-quality, pre-fabrication work; this reduces costs as well as job site-and spatial-challenges for Lee. Supplies can be transported to the job site intact and ready to be installed. With the tight timelines in today’s commercial and industrial projects, Lee Mechanical’s competitive advantages include thorough evaluation and planning, lean team members on site, exceptional service, and cost effective pricing.

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