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Process Piping vs. Traditional Plumbing – Lee Can Help Your Business Understand When To Use Both

Businesses often require more sophisticated technical solutions to their plumbing requirements than what is traditionally used in residential homes. The transfer of fluids and other materials within a corporate facility often presents a unique challenge that dictates the type of piping used as well as the design of the components themselves.

At Lee Mechanical, our skilled tradesmen are adept at providing solutions in a wide variety of corporate environments. We work with municipal inspectors along with architects and facility engineers to design and construct systems that are appropriate for use within most industries, whether they are in the Kenosha area, Milwaukee or elsewhere.

Knowing when you need “process piping” as compared to traditional plumbing is something that comes with education and experience. Plumbing is regulated by local plumbing codes while process piping usually falls under the jurisdiction of engineering designers.

One simple distinction that can help you understand when process piping comes into play is that plumbing is traditionally associated with plumbing fixtures. If your project does not involve plumbing fixtures you probably need process piping. This can be a good thing, for some, since process piping is under the jurisdiction of an engineer rather than a plumbing inspector. In most process piping projects, the only permit fee and inspection required involves the backflow preventer. You can usually make changes to process piping systems without having to involve the municipal plumbing inspection department.

Process piping refers to a specific kind of pipework that is used to transport materials in a variety of different business applications. It is designed specifically for the type of application needed with one of the goals being to ensure that it will meet all health and safety standards. Lee Mechanical is certified to install both process piping as well as traditional plumbing that is specifically designed for various industries.

Some examples of the types of industries that rely upon process piping include pharmaceutical, dairy, and food & beverage. Process piping in these businesses connects pressure vessels to mixing and storage tanks. In process piping, fluids are usually transported under pressure or vacuum. Some materials require sophisticated transfer systems to move through the manufacturing process. The types of materials being transported often dictate the type of piping required and how the system is designed. Some materials need to be transported in inert glass or ceramic piping. Others require stainless steel. Inexpensive plastics can often be used to transport water. Our design engineers also consider the amount of pressure being applied within the piping as well as the required width of the piping as we design systems to adhere to corporate requirements.

Process plumbing is a very complicated design of pipes, valves, support clamps as well as other related components and control instruments. It is not something to be trusted to just any plumbing contractor. This is where the Lee team comes in.

When Lee designs a process piping system, we take into account many complicated design factors. These include design, pressure and temperature. In some processing industries stainless steel “Clean In Place”/ “Sanitize In Place” (CIP/SIP) systems are widely used. The design of the piping system is a critical factor in trying to achieve maximum cleanliness in those situations.

Lee Mechanical is the company that large and small businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin turn to for answers on sophisticated plumbing and process piping challenges. We have vast experience in the industries where these distinctions are vital.

Ours is an industry that rewards experience and education. We have been serving Southeastern Wisconsin businesses for four decades. If you have questions about your business’s building or remodeling project and you know you want to get the job done right the first time contact Lee Mechanical. It is a call that will save you time, money and headaches.


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