Employee Spotlight Katie Fritsch

Katie Fritsch: Controller

Teamwork and collaboration are two pillars that Lee Mechanical’s Controller, Katie Fritsch, strives to bring to her job every day.

“My biggest takeaway from working in this field is collaboration. “From direct customer and general contractor relations, to our construction and service technicians in the field, every person plays an important role in meeting one common goal. When collaborated on successfully, it makes our industry more prosperous.”

With over 10 years of experience in both the finance and mechanical fields, Fritsch is an asset to the Lee team and to the company’s customers. Her goal for Lee Mechanical “is to provide our internal and external customers the highest level of accuracy and support available.”

According to Fritsch, Lee sets the bar to a whole new level within their industry.

“The dynamic and camaraderie of the team at Lee is like no other team I’ve ever been a part of. The level of respect, integrity and passion that each one of us here holds is a true testament to our growth and success. We all bring very different ideas to the table, and each one is valued and accepted as it should be in a team atmosphere.”

She is convinced that companies should look to Lee Mechanical for their decades of experience AND for the skills of Lee’s employees, especially the leadership team. Lee Mechanical’s leaders, Bob Lee, Brandon Quinn and Frank Ruffolo, “put the time and effort into every big or small decision that they make. They each work harder than any Principal team I’ve ever met, and they do it very, very well. They correlate off of each other and strive to make each other better. That dedication and level of respect trickles down to the rest of the team and truly makes our team top in the industry.”

As the Lee team proudly celebrates Women in Construction Week, Fritsch reflects on her role within the industry. “I personally think gender diversity is good for business. Women and men hold different skill sets and outlooks in every aspect of life and they support each other well. I feel the industry has changed dramatically over the years and women are not only accepted more but encouraged to push on and be successful in their careers. Having the diversity and freedom of thoughts and ideas, and being able to work closely together to meet and exceed customer goals, is key in construction and life alone.

When Fritsch is not hard at work for the Lee team, you can find her enjoying time with her two daughters. They spend their summers having fun in the sun at Castle Rock Lake, near their cabin in Mauston. In winter, you can find them in that same home away from home, taking in the beautiful snow-covered trees in the area.


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