Erika Bennetts

What makes Lee Mechanical stand out? According to Lee’s Project Coordinator, Erika Bennetts, it is the team’s goal of “total domination.”

“With their focus and dedication to being the best, Lee provides their employees a great atmosphere to thrive,” she shared. “Everybody is working toward that common goal, and we all celebrate each other’s successes.”

Bennetts joined the Lee team in 2020. With industry experience in real estate development with Foxconn, Bennetts’s background is an asset to the whole Lee team and to the company’s customers.

Bennetts enjoys working with the Lee team on the variety of challenging projects the company works on and really appreciates the team culture that is apparent throughout the company. “Our team is composed of many diverse backgrounds, from field employees to formally educated engineers. I think this gives us a certain edge.”

When Bennetts is not working on a Lee project, you can find her traveling, hiking, or enjoying a good book.


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