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Benefit of Robotic Technology

Lee Mechanical is always looking for ways to maintain our reputation for excellence while incorporating new and and faster ways to complete commercial projects. The team at Lee utilizes leading-edge technology in its mechanical, electrical and plumbing MEP projects. Staying on top of the latest trends and technology allows Lee to be the most efficient and productive commercial service provider in southeastern Wisconsin.

Out of the Box, Off-Site Ideas

In a construction project’s best case scenario, general contractors, subcontractors and specialists have excellent weather, lots of time at a worksite, no complications and plenty of space to maneuver and to store supplies. While Lee Mechanical technicians can’t always count on having lots of room or enjoying a stress-free project, they have found a way around lack of space and inclement weather. Not having to worry about either challenge is a distinct competitive advantage for Lee!

New Technology = New Advantages

Lee Mechanical has been serving southeastern Wisconsin commercial and residential customers since 1976. Times and technologies have changed since those early days, as have clients’ needs. Lee continues to stay at the forefront of cutting edge solutions to meet those needs efficiently and effectively. The commercial building boom in Wisconsin is keeping Lee technicians busy; a variety of new technologies are being utilized on job sites.

Lee Combines Old School and New Technology

Lee Mechanical was part of a large project for Kenosha County earlier this year which utilized old-fashioned teamwork as well as cutting-edge technology. Camosy Construction was the Construction Manager of the $20 million Brookside Care Center expansion project, which broke ground in 2016. The overall project consisted of constructing two linked facilities, which added almost 70,000 square feet to the location. Extensive remodeling also occurred at the existing facility.

Winter Care 101 for Commercial HVAC

Whether you are a small business owner in Kenosha or an operations director for a sprawling corporation, Lee Mechanical is here to meet your needs this winter. While home furnaces tend to get a lot of press in the fall, Lee Mechanical also handles installation and maintenance of large scale commercial HVAC systems. These systems, which can include boilers, furnaces, A/C units and energy recovery ventilators, are designed for commercial in businesses and operational facilities of varying sizes. Like the residential HVAC systems, commercial equipment also needs to be professionally maintained and serviced. Neglecting this area of your business can lead to costly repairs and can impact employee safety as well as productivity. Contracting with dedicated, experienced Lee technicians for installation and scheduled maintenance of your commercial HVAC equipment provides peace of mind, helps extend the life of your heating and cooling units and frees up your time so that you can focus on growing your business.

Cross Connection 101

Cross connection may not be a familiar term to many homeowners, but it can lead to harmful contamination of a water supply. Luckily, there are many safeguards and standards in place to protect consumers. Your friends at Lee want to share important information about cross connections and backflow. We are here to help with all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

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