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Fischer Paper Products

CG Schmidt

Partners in Design

Electric and HVAC

$14.9 Million



Fischer Paper Products has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality, food-safe paper products — including specialty bags, wraps, liners, napkin rings and more — since 1972.

Based in Antioch, IL, Fischer began the build on their new headquarters in 2019, when their current land-locked location limited their expansion options. The company’s relocation to their new facility was also sparked, in part, by a desire to invest more in the comfort of their employees in their office and production spaces.

General Contractor, CG Schmidt, trusted Lee Mechanical to provide HVAC systems and controls for optimal heating and cooling comfort throughout the facility. Lee Mechanical played a vital role in the planning and production of their new 170,905 sq. ft. facility, located near their current production plant.

“Our team assisted on this project from start to finish. To keep in line with our customer’s budget, we assisted with electrical design for the entire location,” shared Lee Project Manager, Kris Sorenson

Fischer’s new location will replace the company’s current manufacturing facility in Antioch, along with a leased warehouse space in Waukegan. According to Fischer’s President, Josh Fischer, the new location will also include new, larger, state-of-the art equipment to replace its existing technology, as well as new machines.

“We are excited for Fischer Paper and their employees to move into their new facility and we hope to be partners with them to maintain the facility to ensure the comfort and safety for their employees in the future,” shared Lee Vice President of Construction, Ken Ahler.

All of the existing equipment’s relocation and energization was the responsibility of Lee technicians, along with the energization of the new, high-tech equipment. Lee Mechanical’s team was also responsible for all of the LED and motion sensing devices throughout the building (warehouse, production and office space. To get the equipment installed faster and safer, Lee Mechanical utilized a helicopter to set all 15 rooftop units on the facility.

“At this time, more than ever, we are proud to help businesses grow and expand. Supporting local businesses matters more now than ever, and this is a family-owned business, just like Lee. We were proud to be part of this project,” said Bob Lee, Lee Mechanical President/CEO.

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