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United Hospital System

Riley Construction

This project was an approximately 100 Million Dollar project that put two floors over an existing, occupied hospital. This project was successful and came in under budget due to the teamwork between United Hospital Systems, Riley Construction and Lee Plumbing daily meetings to go over and review each sequence of events for that day as well as the near term. This project included plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems including all low voltage wiring for this project.

St. Catherine’s Hospital now has four generators that will work in unison should a power failure occur. The synchronizing switch gear will ensure that the hospital will maintain a steady flow of power to keep all of the systems up and running as intended. In the event that one of the generators fail, the synchronizing switchgear will automatically transfer to the load from the failed generator to the remaining three generators.

The installation of the synchronizing switchgear required Lee Electrical Employees to coordinate with the hospital and WE Energies so that the hospital did not experience loss of power at any point in time during the outages for the synchronizing gear and generators.