While the Kenosha location of Woodman’s grocery store is well-known, it will soon not be the only location nearby. Woodman’s is expanding not only in Wisconsin but south into Illinois as well. Lee Mechanical was awarded the contract for work on Woodman’s brand-new facility in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Woodman’s stores are much larger than typical grocers, and the Buffalo Grove location is no exception at 240,000 square feet. To accommodate all of the needs of a commercial building of this size, a team of six-eight tradesmen are onsite for the eight-month project. They are installing piping for the chilled Glycol system (the piping that keeps refrigeration units cold). There are six pipe fitters installing five miles (or more than 26,000 feet) of piping.

The tradesmen are also installing a heat reclaim system, in addition to the Glycol system. The reclaim platform keeps systems from overheating. This portion of the project involves one mile of piping. The Lee team has worked on several new Woodman’s locations throughout Wisconsin. In fact, two Lee plumbers travel statewide on a weekly basis to provide any needed services to the various locations.

Lee is proud of its tradition of excellence and of doing the job right. Whether the project is very large or very small, everyone at Lee is customer-focused. We keep our four core values top of mind, at all times:

  • It’s about safety: of our customers and our employees.
  • It’s about diversity: in the services, expertise and experience we provide to our customers.
  • It’s about integrity: in how we treat our employees, our community AND our customers.
  • It’s about success: for our company, our employees and our customers.

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