Tune Up and Chill Out with these AC Tips

Summer weather in Wisconsin can bring something different every day of the week. Midwesterners are used to handling scorching heat and sky-high humidity one day, and dodging strong storms with hail the next. Even with the cooling breezes off of Kenosha’s lakefront-and a stop at Scoop’s for ice cream-these ups and downs can be hard on people and on their home cooling units.

At Lee Service  we recommend having your air conditioner serviced every year. Not only does this tune-up help improve the unit’s performance, it also extends the life expectancy. Lee Service technicians service all major brands. Homeowners can put off the large expense of purchasing a new A/C unit by making an investment in maintenance.

There are other tips to help keep your home comfortably cool during the dog days of summer. Planting trees at a safe distance from your foundation is a natural way to save on energy bills. There are a number of nurseries in our area that offer a variety of options: Menard’s, Breezy Hill and Stein’s Gardens and Gifts are great places to shop and compare. Tree shade, especially near windows on the west and south side of a house, can help keep rooms feeling cooler. Lee Plumbing Heating and Cooling also recommends using a programmable thermostat every day. Be sure to set the temperature at 75 degrees or higher on days when you’re out of the house. This is an easy way to regulate energy costs. Spending more time in your basement on hot days can also help keep you cool and keep your energy bill low.

When it finally does come time to replace your unit, we are proud to offer different cooling options for all needs and budgets. From the efficient XL20i to the cutting edge XC21, let our A/C specialists find, install and maintain the unit that best fits your needs. For tech-savvy homeowners, Lee also offers Trane’s XL950 ComfortLink, which serves as the command center for the entire house. ComfortLink provides weather info-and much more- on a touch screen, in addition to remote access from your smartphone.

Lee Service offers flexible days and times for regularly scheduled tune-ups. Contact us today to get on the calendar!