Lee Res Acoverachiever

How to Be an Overachiever with your Air Conditioner

When warmer temperatures finally arrive in our part of the country, they sometimes almost literally go from zero to 60 degrees overnight. Then the summer heat often kicks right in. If you have put off having your air conditioner serviced during the cold weather/off-season, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise when you actually do need to run it.

A/C units don’t last forever so preventative maintenance is important. Lee HVAC technicians can provide a seasonal tune-up in the early part of each year – even if you are still using your furnace to keep warm!

In addition to regularly scheduled maintenance, there are some easy things homeowners can do to keep their air conditioners working at optimal performance. Make sure to replace your furnace filter. A clean furnace filter will help with airflow when the time comes to turn on your air conditioning system. For those who use winter air conditioning covers to protect the unit in cold weather, don’t forget to remove it in the spring! It sounds obvious, but many people forget that the cover is on.

Even though it’s tempting when the summer heat arrives, be careful not to drop the temperature of your thermostat too much. That can make the unit work much harder than it needs to. It can also take longer to remove the humidity in your home. Be sure to draw your curtains and close blinds on your windows before you leave for work (or any time that you will be gone for an extended period). This helps block sunlight. Direct sun exposure can lead to higher electric bills (not to mention fading furniture and rugs). Keep an eye on your air conditioning system. Hose down the outside of it when cottonwood or debris gets on the coils. If they are not removed, they can clog the coils and impact the unit’s power.

Contact the Lee team today to schedule your A/C maintenance. Mention this blog to receive our special A/C tuneup rate of $99 (normally $109).* We’ll help you keep your cool during the summer months. *Offer expires June 30, 2019. Must mention the Lee blog to receive the $99 rate.