Are You Prepared With A Backup Generator?

Part of Lee Service’s commitment to our customers is to provide products and services that give you peace of mind; even in the face of difficult circumstances. That is why we want you to be prepared with a backup generator.

Nobody likes to think about losing their electricity, even temporarily. Power outages are never really anticipated – especially those that last for extended periods of time.

The shifts in our weather to stronger storms make it necessary for midwesterners to think about purchasing and installing a backup generator that will keep your appliances and electronics working.

We often take our electrical grid for granted. It is the backbone of our day-to-day living. Whether you need electricity for medical devices, have a freezer full of frozen meat or operate a home business that would be lost without computer access, more and more people are installing permanent backup generators as a way to protect themselves from that inevitable blackout.

Here at Lee, we offer Generac generators. Generac is known throughout America as the leader in quality backup generators of all sizes that are able to keep your home comfortable and “connected” for not just hours but for days if necessary.

A Lee technician will explore options with you to design a system that is adequate to meet your needs but does not bust your budget. Generac offers several different generator sizes that can handle a variety of circumstances.

Like your air conditioner, your generator will need to be carefully installed on a cement pad in a specific location outside of your home. Lee’s professional technicians are familiar with city codes that deal with placement of the pad, the gas lines and everything else required to install your generator legally and professionally. Lee is very familiar with the permitting processes as well.

Your Lee generator will be connected to your electrical panel and when it receives a signal that the electrical service has been interrupted, it will automatically kick in, keeping your electricity on until WE Energies can restore service. Small children in your home will not be frightened, medical devices will continue to run and everything that is in your refrigerator and freezer will be saved.

Who knows what the future holds for our electric power grids? We may not have hurricanes around here, but we have more than our share of thunderstorms, blizzards and even an occasional tornado. Concerns about attacks on our power grids are becoming more prevalent as well and sometimes the system just gets overloaded.

You can keep your family safe and warm when the power goes out with a professionally-installed, Lee Service Generac model generator.  Contact us at 262-584-4326 to discuss if a home generator makes sense for you.