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Avoid Water Damage with Smart Technology

Technology has done a lot to make homes safer and more efficient. New products currently being tested are effective in stopping costly water leaks, seepage or broken hoses before you even notice them and water damage occurs. Homeowners and insurance companies are very interested, as the number of claims for residential water damage are climbing. With an average repair cost of $10,000, water damage claims cost insurers billions of dollars annually.

According to New Jersey-based Verisk Analytics’ ISO insurance analytics unit, water damage claims hit insurers for $13 billion in 2017. The increase in this type of claim can be attributed to two main factors: many of the homes built in the United States were constructed post World War II. They are showing their age through antiquated pipes that are more susceptible to breakage and seepage. On the other end of the spectrum are much newer homes that have multiple lines of water (think water-dispensing refrigerators, ice makers, second-story laundry rooms).

While no one can stop rain from coming and small water leaks can go unnoticed, there are ways to protect your home from destructive water damage. Flo Technologies created a home water monitoring and conservation system, Flo by Moen, that is designed to keep homes dry and the number of water damage claims lower. The product, designed by the father-and-son team of Henry and Gabriel Halimi, was created after their own experience with catastrophic water damage. Flo, which is installed on the main water line coming into your home, works through smart technologies and monitors water levels continually. The device has three sensors that actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. If Flo detects an anomaly in any of those areas, it sends a text alert to the homeowner.

Flo represents some of the newest technology designed to make your home safer and to avoid costly repairs. The Lee team stays up to date on product offerings and new solutions, to meet the needs of our customers. To maintain your home and protect your investment, we highly recommend having your mechanicals serviced on a regular basis by one of the dedicated, trained technicians at Lee. Contact us today!