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“Fall in” and Get Your Home Ready for Winter

The dog days of summer are behind us and it’s finally time to give our A/C units a break. While we’re all enjoying the cooler weather, crisp air and beautiful fall colors, proactive homeowners are looking ahead. They are replacing furnace filters and contacting the Lee team to schedule their annual maintenance calls now. A Lee technician will come to your home, ensure that your furnace is functioning properly-and can even suggest energy-saving tips for the cold months ahead. Beyond just your furnace, however, there are quite a few small tasks involved in properly “winterizing” your home.

It’s helpful to take a walk around your home in the fall, to assess possible areas of concern. Are all windows and doors  properly sealed? Does weather stripping need to be replaced? Take a look for any large tree branches that might be growing too close to the house. Branches can snap under the weight of snow or ice. Have trees trimmed to maintain a safe perimeter around your house.

Is your fireplace ready to be used? Be sure to have the chimney inspected and professionally cleaned, so that it’s ready for the first cold day.

This article from contains more tips for preparing your home for the winter.

Contact Lee today to schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC systems. Our technicians are ready, willing and able to help get your home prepared before the first snowflake falls.