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Fueling the Fire: Furnace Maintenance 101

Scheduling an annual maintenance call for your furnace can often get pushed far down on the to-do list in the busy summer in Downtown Kenosha and months enjoying events like Summerfest or the Renaissance Faire. Before you know it, winter is here, your home isn’t feeling as warm as it should and service techs are booked up. At Lee Service,  we recommend making a note on your calendar in late summer or early fall to have your furnace serviced.

Our heating system specialists are less busy and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will be warm and cozy during the long Wisconsin winters. One of the most beneficial aspects of having a well-running, well-maintained heating system is lower energy costs. Newer models are typically more efficient and utilizing a programmable thermostat can also help with energy expenses. It’s a good idea to set the temperature cooler overnight while you’re sleeping and during the day-or whenever no one will be at home for more than a few hours.

Having a licensed HVAC tech service the blower, belt and check for gas leaks is important to extend the life of your unit. It’s also essential to change the furnace filter on a regular basis and to keep the unit free of dirt and dust. When a filter gets clogged with dirt, it slows the unit down, lowers the efficiency and may eventually lead to a full breakdown.

Taking a few minutes to call Lee and schedule an annual service call for your furnace is time well spent. Protect your home and your family-and keep your toes toasty-with a little help from Lee Mechanical.