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HVAC – Lessons of the Fall

Lee Mechanical reminds you that your furnace should be checked in the fall before Old Man Winter sneaks up on you with one of those below-zero days that all Wisconsinites know are coming.

Heating systems, like anything else mechanical, should be checked and serviced every year. That is the only way to be sure your family will stay warm and comfortable inside despite whatever the temperature drops to outside.

During your annual furnace servicing, our trained technicians will clean and replace the entire unit and check the thermostat too. We will clean and lubricate the furnace blower (checking it for corrosion too) and clean and repair furnace ducts. We will clean the ducts as well as inspect the fan. Our skilled professionals will help you extend the life of your furnace by making sure everything is working as expected.

We will test your pilot light to be sure it is not going to let you down on that cold January night.

If you need a new furnace, or are seeking a furnace in a new construction, Lee Mechanical is your local partner with the best products and services.

Here at Lee we feature a couple of very trustworthy furnace systems.

Trane furnaces are known for their reliability. We offer the Trane XV95 gas furnace which is packed with state-of-the-art technology for exceptional, cozy comfort. The XV95 delivers one of the highest efficiency ratings in the industry. It provides superior performance for the ultimate in comfort in a warm, cozy home.

Another option through Lee is the Lennox SLP98V variable capacity gas furnace. Advertised as the most efficient and quietest furnace you can buy, the SLP98V makes you feel perfectly comfortable while reducing the impact of those heating bills on your wallet.

While you are having your furnace serviced or replaced, it makes sense to check on your other HVAC systems at the same time. We can do a fall tune-up of your air conditioner and make sure that your humidifier and air cleaner are all tuned up too.

Whatever your HVAC needs are this fall, if you are in Southeastern Wisconsin, your best option for addressing your needs is the Lee team. Contact us at 262-947-4624.