Lee Service Offers Peace of Mind Through Backup Sump Systems

April showers may bring May flowers. But they also bring that uncertainty during big storms as to whether your sump pump is keeping your basement dry or not.

Your friends at Lee Service can put your mind at ease. As Southeastern Wisconsin’s favorite plumbing contractor (voted number one again in Plumbing Contractor category in the Kenosha News annual Best of Kenosha survey), Lee is committed to helping you avoid the frustration and aggravation that occurs when you come home to a flooded basement.

Lee is confident that whatever Mother Nature has in mind, we can equip your home to repel the water that may come calling through faulty excavation or a weakened foundation or just a nasty spring storm. We offer the most respected backup sump systems available.

If you are looking for a battery backup, you should look no further than Lee Service contractors. For the best battery backup system for your sump pump system we sell and install the Glentronics Pro Series 2400. Like Lee service, Glentronics is synonymous with quality.

The Glentronics battery backup system has a number of great features that make it one of America’s most popular battery backup sump pump systems on the market today:

  • Automatic switch to battery when power fails
  • Automatic recharge
  • Monitoring system, including:
    • Battery needs charging
    • Automatic power disconnect
    • Clog/obstruction pump
    • Backup pump is activated
  • Alarm system that can be silenced when power is out
  • Displays power balances
  • Weekly pump test
  • Capacity for direct link to AC power
  • Security system connectivity
  • Large capacity – up to 100 hours of pumping

By all measures, the Glentronic Pro Series 2400 is a “top of the line” back-up for your sump pump. We sell and install it with confidence.  We know it will do the job as your most reliable backup battery-powered sump pump.

If you are more inclined to want to purchase a “water-powered” system, Lee Plumbing sells and installs the Water Commander.

Water backup systems require no battery or electricity – they are powered by water pressure. The Water Commander widely recognized as the most powerful water-powered sump pump backup system available. Lee sells and installs this system for customers wanting the security of a back-up system that does not rely on batteries. It is a trustworthy product that can help you rest easy that your basement possession are protected.

It’s dependability results from automatic activation to empty your sump when it reaches a predetermined level. Water systems are easy to install, usually on a wall adjacent to your primary sump pump.

Because no battery is required, water-based systems will continue to protect you for unlimited amounts of time.

You might have noticed that we have a positive outlook at Lee Service. We make sure we provide our customers with the best products and we hire the most skilled and professional installers. We appreciate the costs and frustrations involved with timely cleanup after a flooded basement occurs.  We want to help prevent that for our customers.

By trusting the Lee Service team for your backup system, you are getting products you can trust from people you know. We don’t mind saying – we are good at what we do. The positive reactions we have received from our customers makes us feel that way.

Don’t be a drip (sorry, couldn’t pass that one up). If mother nature comes knocking at your basement door, turn her away with a sump pump backup system from Lee Service. Call us at 262-584-4326 today.