Our Skilled Tradesmen Take Pride in Their Work

Skilled Tradesmen Pride1

As a Kenosha business that has been located here for over four decades, we look back on the times when Kenosha was built on manufacturing. Great Kenosha companies like AMC, Frost, Macwhyte, American Brass and so many other dotted the landscape and employed thousands of people.

If you’ve been in Kenosha as long as we have, there is a good chance that someone you know worked at one of these places. Perhaps it was your mother or father. Or, it could be a grandparent. One thing we know for sure is that back in those days there was no doubt that hard work was required to provide for your family.

Even though the memory of that hard-work ethic seems to have faded now that those Kenosha factories are no longer here, at Le Service we can say, without hesitation, that our employees continue that tradition of pride in their hard work.

Our skilled tradesmen work with their hands – often in severe conditions. They go home late, sweaty and tired from another long day of physical work. But you know what? They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plumber Magazine recently featured a story that summed up the life of a plumber. Our plumbers are no different than those described by the author of that story.  In fact, all of our skilled tradespeople are extremely proficient, dedicated to their jobs and willing to go the extra mile to keep our customers happy. This approach to hard work might be harder to find in some workplaces these days. But, Lee Service is not one of them.

Whether it is commercial (Carthage CollegeWE EnergiesUnited Hospital) or residential, Lee Service has been meeting the needs of Kenosha businesses and families since 1976 when Bob Lee Sr. left the security of working for someone else to strike out on his own. This was only after pursuing an illustrious baseball career.

His son, Bob Jr. (currently CEO of the Company) added a heating and cooling division in 2000. Today, Lee Service employs 40 people, all of whom have a fantastic work ethic with a devotion to doing the job right the first time.

Our workers are not afraid to get a little bit dirty. Like the plumbers described in the linked story, these skilled tradesmen are not cut out to sit behind a desk or to wear a tie to work.  They carry their lunch in a bucket or bag and they understand the value of building and fixing things. That’s what we do.  That’s what we take pride in at Lee!

For over four decades, Lee Service has been an iconic Kenosha business for anyone seeking quality work executed by people who understand your priorities. Give us a call today to explore how we can assist with any project you have in mind.