Things to Know About The Air Conditioning In Your Home

Owning a home means you are always fixing or updating something. Homeowners tend to not think about their air conditioner until it gets warmer when you want to turn it on. With warmer weather on the way we have some tips to make sure your air conditioning is running at its highest performance.  These tips may prevent you from having to make a service call to Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric or, at the very least, can help us diagnose the problem quicker.

Things to check if your air conditioner is not cooling your home.

  1. Check the settings on the thermostat to make sure the temperature is set above room temperature, and the system switch is turned on in the “cool” or “auto” position. You also want to make sure the fan switch is set to “on” for continuous airflow.

  2. Lower the temperature to its lowest setting to try and get the air conditioner to turn on.

  3. Make sure all registers are open and check the air filter. If the air flow coming out of your registers is low, it’s possible that a dirty air filter is restricting the air flow.

  4. Check the power disconnect switch on the outside unit and inside unit to make sure that is it in the “on” position.

  5. Check the fuse at the electrical panel for both the outdoor and indoor units to make sure they are both in the “on” position and a fuse wasn’t out.

  6. If your air conditioner is still not cooling, give us a call, 262-584-4326.

Tips on what to look for if your air conditioning unit is not working.

  1. Check your ductwork.

    If the air flow is greatly diminished, you may have blocked or leaking duct work. A temporary solution is to seal the air leaks with duct tape, but eventually you will need to have them repaired.

  2. Air Filter

    Failing to regularly clean your air filter can mean blocked air flow. Clean or change your filters at least two times per year to ensure that your HVAC is working properly.

  3. A/C Unit

    When you inspect the A/C unit, make sure the power is turned off. You are checking the evaporator or condensation tray. The condensation tray can contain mold or fungus if it isn’t regularly cleaned. To clean the tray, you want to use a mild bleach solution so your home doesn’t contain mold spores.

  4. Diagnosing the Problem

    Providing as much information as you can to the Lee repairman will help save him time. Let him know if the A/C unit is making strange noises, duct work is leaking, and/or if the air flow is greatly reduced.

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