You Can Keep Your Home Cooler Without Using Your Air Conditioner

Summer is here and let’s face it: it’s hot out and it’s only going to get warmer as the summer goes on. It is tempting to turn up the air conditioner on those extra warm days but there are other methods to keep your home cool, without the A/C, thus saving on your electric bill. Thankfully, Lee Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electric has several ways to keep your home cool without turning on the A/C and racking up your electric bill.

1. Keep your blinds closed

This seems like a simple tip, but it has been estimated that up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows. By utilizing curtains or shades, you can save up to 7 percent on your bills and lower the temperature in your home by up to 20 degrees.

2. Closing off rooms

By keeping the doors closed to certain rooms, you will prevent the cool air from permeating these areas during the hottest part of the day. You will also want to capitalize on the cool temperatures during the night hours, by letting air flow naturally through your home.

3. Place an ice bowl in front of your fan

For an easy fix on those hot days, fill a mixing bowl with ice and position it at an angle in front of a large fan, so that the air whips off the ice at an extra-chilled temperature.

4. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise

Your ceiling fans need to be adjusted seasonally. In the summertime, set your fan to rotate counterclockwise at a higher speed, the fan’s airflow will create a wind-chill breeze that will make your home feel cooler.

5. Start grilling instead of using the oven or stove

Using your oven or stove in the summer will, of course, increase the temperature in your home. If it already feels warm in your house, the last thing you want to do is turn on a 400-degree oven. Grilling out and eating dinner on your patio is a great way to help keep your home cool and enjoy those warm summer nights.

6. Let the night air in

During the summer months, the temperatures and humidity may drop during the night. Make the most of these cooler temps by cracking the windows before you go to bed. By strategically placing fans, you can create a wind tunnel to force the perfect cross breeze. Remember though that you want to close the windows and blinds in the morning before it gets too hot.

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