Leerebrand (1)

Leerebrand (1)

Lee Mechanical Announces Rebrand

Why did we update our brand?

That’s a great question! After 40-years in business our company continues to evolve in the clients we serve and talent we want to attract to join our team. Our growth fueled Lee to expand our leadership, ownership and overall company brand to become inclusive of the commercial & industrial building systems that we serve.

What does the future look like for Lee Mechanical?

Over 40 years ago the Lee Family started a small plumbing company in Kenosha which has now grown to be one of southeastern’s largest full-service specialty contractors. We now have over 150 employees and a second office in Milwaukee.  

We know that our continued growth is possible because we continue to prioritize investing in our community, leadership and employees. We are always looking at new ways to innovate to better serve our customers.

Lee Mechanical Rebranded Logo | Lee Mechanical


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New Brand Unveiling Event

On November 5, 2019, we hosted an event at the Kenosha Country Club for customers and employees to unveil our new brand identity. Attendees had the opportunity to view a fleet of new company vehicles, marketing, and our leadership team shared how this rebrand will propel our team into the future.

“We have never and will never become complacent; our success will be through continual reinvestment in our human, capital, and entrepreneurial resources. Going forward, we will be known as Lee Mechanical. One company, that works together to provide quality plumbing, piping, HVAC, and electrical services. A one stop shop for your needs,” said Bob Lee Jr., President of Lee Mechanical.

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