Measure Twice, Cut Once

Customer Testimonial

For a family-owned company that has been serving the Kenosha area since 1976, hearing from our local customers is one of our favorite aspects of our job. Our team takes great pride in helping our community and assisting with issues related to heating, plumbing, cooling and electric.

We love hearing about a job well done and, in these modern times, one of the greatest compliments you can ever give our team is a review.

Lee Mechanical
Matt Soma, Journeyman Plumber
2915 60th St Kenosha, WI 53144 

Dear Matt

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the hard work and energy you have put into the past two plumbing projects at my house. You brought to bear your several years of experience when doing the estimates and installation of the septic piping and the water pressure tank

The septic pipe replacement was a major installation. It required careful planning and detailed execution. Cutting through concrete requires an exacting Journeyman and you were that guy. The old rule of measure twice, cut oncewas exceeded by you because of your attention to detail and determination to get it right the first time.As I periodically watched, you explained exactly what your goal was, how you were going to achieve it and then you did it

You consistently stopped and checked with your coworker on the outside to make sure everything was lined up. As you explained, the angle of the slope had to be perfect in order for the plumbing system to work correctly. As it turned out, you drilled precisely and accurately. I have had no problems postinstallation, nor do I anticipate any. You got me a water pressure tank that fits my present and future needs. You installed all new copper tubing and gauges. Everything looks great and operates wonderfully. I am extremely pleased with your professional work

You are very detail oriented and come to work ready to get items done in a methodical manner. You work efficiently and effectively. Every moment has a purpose attached to it. You completed the projects “on timeand on budgetwhich is a customers dream. Thank you

You treated my home as if it were your own and that is what makes you a special journeyman. I admired the care you took last summer and again this winter. This is what makes me want to continue to work with you and Lee Mechanical. I look forward to you returning for three more jobs in 2021. Thank you

Byron Dowse

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