Avoid Price Increases & Delays in the Spring

Avoid Generator, AC Cost Increase in Your Home

Generators and air conditioners – two essential pieces of equipment for any midwest homeowner. One to keep us safe and dry during a power outage, and the other to help avoid some of the summer heat and humidity.

The only problem is that they are currently unavailable!

We have all heard “supply chain issues” thrown around in the news. It has affected everything from milk to toys to the cost of a new car. It is also drastically affecting the supply of both generators and air conditioners.

Throughout the year, analysts HAD predicted that 2022 would see improvements, but, unfortunately, that is not going to be the case. Instead, material costs and delays in manufacturing and shipping are expected to rise.

That is why it is essential to think ahead NOW to beat the cost increase and supply issues.

Material Shortage

The lumber shortages in 2020 certainly made the news(prices increased by 316%), but severe material shortages have spread beyond lumber. Contractors in every business are encountering an increasing number of order delays. Does your home need a new roof? A six-month lead time is what you’re looking at. Do you need concrete for a new driveway? You are looking for delays well into the future.

Although Lee Mechanical collaborates closely with our outstanding vendors, such as Generac and Lennox, there is simply not enough supply to meet demand. Unfortunately, if you are in the market for a new generator, a new air conditioner or replacement parts, you can expect a long lead time. Because supply chain concerns increasingly influence every business, you might be waiting until the fall or even winter of 2022.

Shortage of raw materials like copper, aluminum, and computer chips and increased demand have overwhelmed manufacturers across the board.

“In the past, if you called Lee in December, you would have a generator well before spring,” shared David Bennett, Lee Mechanical’s HVAC and Generator Estimator. “Now we are looking 6 to 8 months out depending on the size of the generator.”

Cost Increase

Anyone who watches the news these days will see that the cost of materials is rising. This has been an ongoing issue throughout 2021.

According to market analysts, suppliers, and vendors, this pattern is unlikely to alter anytime soon, with shortages and delays expected to last far beyond 2022. As a result, alerts throughout the supply chain warnings of further hikes in 2022 are becoming increasingly widespread, with aluminum alone predicted to rise by about 30% in 2022.

Order Now For Spring

While no one wants to think about increased costs and delays, understanding this now has an advantage. As the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.”

With the possibility of more delays and costs in the future, careful preparation is essential. Working closely with Lee Mechanical now to order your home’s generator or new air conditioner (or replacement parts) will save you time and money in the long term.

Demand, cost, AND lead times have grown significantly in the past two years. The increase in global demand for raw materials, early pandemic lockdowns, and worker shortages have all cumulated into a backlog of orders with suppliers.

“Companies that idled operations or placed workers on furlough during lockdowns are now unable to get enough raw materials to build the houses, make the automobiles, or assemble the appliances that are suddenly in strong demand,” according to CNN Business.

“Unfortunately, the decision to buy a standby generator from Lee Mechanical is the quickest part of the process,” states Bennet.

Advantages of Home Generators

In Kenosha, you can expect to see 35 inches of rain and 39 inches of snow every year. Some of these storms, especially along Lake Michigan and Downtown Kenosha, also cause power outages. However, you can protect your home with a standby generator, which provides backup electricity that switches on automatically if you lose power.

Generators for the home are more than a luxury convenience.

You’ll be able to feed your family by preserving the contents of your refrigerator. When it’s hot outside, turn on the air conditioner, and when it’s cold outside, turn on the heat.

When things outside turn scary, a generator can also charge your phone, operate your sump pump, provide fresh water, and keep you and your family safe.

Select Lee for the installation of your standby generator. We are a “Generac Select” supplier and the only certified Generac dealer in Kenosha, WI.

Air Conditioner: New or Repairs

Air conditioners effectively keep cool air flowing and keep our homes comfortable during hot summer days. However, these appliances do not last indefinitely. Over time, they will begin to lose efficiency and eventually cease to function altogether.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it operating at peak performance.

  • Clean or change the filters
  • Always keep your AC clean
  • Always hire a licensed technician for repairs
  • Schedule routine checkups
  • Get the coils cleaned
  • Make sure that the condenser unit fan is working

There does come a time when an AC unit has survived its last summer, and it is time to order a new one. Lee Mechanical is a Premier Lennox Dealer. We sell and install Lennox heating and cooling equipment for homes throughout Wisconsin. Lennox products are known for their ability to keep the air in your home perfectly comfortable. In addition, all Lennox products come with industry-leading warranty coverage to bring you peace of mind.

Contact Lee today to set up an appointment for your AC maintenance, repair, or replacement

Contact Lee Mechanical Today!

These delays are not going away anytime soon, however. A prudent homeowner would be wise to order their generator or air conditioner NOW so that they might have it before spring storms and summer heat in 2022.

Working with the professionals at Lee Mechanical today can help you lock in current prices and order materials for installation as soon as possible. A delay could result in your home being without power in the spring rains or suffering the heat in July.