Considering an EV charger at home?

EV charger in car in garage

Electric cars and trucks are quickly becoming popular, and charging stations are popping up everywhere, from local schools to stores, like the Pleasant Prairie Premium Outlets.

If you are considering an electric vehicle (EV), you might also consider adding a charging station to your home. According to Smart Charge America, over 95% of electric car charging is performed at home.

While the task might sound daunting or expensive, new technology has made home charging stations more affordable. In addition, government subsidies and incentives have become increasingly generous.

With all the options available today, choosing the right home charging unit can be challenging. After all, over 82 different Level 2 home charging stations were designed by more than 15 different manufacturers to fit more than 33 electric car models. But with research, proper planning, and a local expert such as Lee Mechanical, your EV can soon be safely charging away in your garage.

Questions to consider for a home EV charging station:

Do I need to buy a charger before I get an electric vehicle? You don’t have to have one right away. Almost all electric vehicles come standard with a Level 1 charger. These chargers are plug-in devices that use regular outlets, but they charge your vehicle substantially slower. A home station can power up your vehicle up to 10x faster.

Can my home accommodate an electric vehicle?

If you rely on street parking, your home is unlikely to be able to accommodate an EV. You can, however, install an electric vehicle charger anywhere you have a driveway, garage, or another place to store your car.

How much does it cost to have an electric vehicle charger installed? Installation costs vary widely, depending on where you live and how complicated the job is. For instance, the price can depend on whether or not your electrical panel or service needs to be upgraded, as well as where your electrical panel, etc., is in relation to your vehicle.

Luckily for you, installation on your charging station doesn’t require you to Google “electrician near me” or to contact a dealership. Instead, you can contact your local expert electricians at Lee Mechanical.

Our team of certified, trained, and experienced electricians are here to help you every step of the way.

Our team is ready to help you:

  • Determine if a level 2 charger can be installed in your house.
  • Choose the correct car charger for your vehicle.
  • Perform any necessary upgrades to electrical systems to ensure their continued safe use.
  • Setup and install your charger in accordance with National Electrical Code and regional regulations.

Select Lee today for your home’s new EV charging station. Contact us today at (262) 657-9490 or right online.