Lee Employeespotlight Caroligowski 053023

We’re thrilled to introduce Carol Igowski, one of our esteemed Customer Service Representatives at Lee Mechanical. Joining the team in 2023, Carol brings with her over a decade of experience in customer service within the manufacturing and service industry.

Carol embraces the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Lee, where she is surrounded by supportive colleagues. She values the diverse range of ideas and experiences that her coworkers bring to the table, fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Beyond her dedication to her role, Carol has a passion for crafting and gardening. She finds joy in tending to her yard, working with beautiful flowers, and creating unique crafts. Exploring her creative side allows Carol to unwind and express herself outside of the office. Additionally, she loves to embark on exciting travel adventures, creating treasured memories with her beloved husband and cherished family.

Carol’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and her dedication to her personal interests make her an invaluable member of the Lee team. Her friendly demeanor and professional approach ensure that customers receive the exceptional care and support they deserve. For any inquiries or assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to Carol through the Lee office.


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