our history

Lee Mechanical began over 40 years ago.

Lee Mechanical, a company committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, has a rich history dating back to its humble beginnings in 1976. Founded by Bob Lee Sr. and Natalie Lee, Lee Mechanical started as a small venture in the basement of their home. The company’s early success can be attributed to taking on projects that other plumbing companies overlooked or avoided. With the addition of employees Ole Jensen and Bob Lee Jr. in 1977, Lee Mechanical expanded its services to include plumbing work for new homes and remodeling projects.

Bob Sr. had a vision to diversify the company and explore new avenues in piping. He actively sought opportunities in industrial settings, offering quality work, timely delivery, and cost-effectiveness to gain the trust of clients. He firmly believed that every contractor deserves a chance to prove their capabilities, regardless of their size.


Bob Lee, Jr. & Bob Lee, Sr. 

In 1983, Bob Jr. and his brother Mike Lee took over running the company. Bob became President, and Mike became Vice President. At that time, Lee Mechanical received a significant opportunity from the AMC engineering department during AMC’s merger with Renault. Through relentless dedication and hard work, the focus has been on assembling a team of skilled pipefitters, welders, and plumbers, successfully completing their portion of work for Alliance Auto on schedule and within budget. This milestone propelled the company’s growth and opened doors to new possibilities.

Throughout its journey, Lee Mechanical has recognized that its employees play an instrumental role in shaping the company’s identity and success. From being selected for the Chrysler expansion in 2001 to involvement in prominent state projects, the professional and dedicated team at Lee Mechanical formed the foundation for their growth and achievements.

Originally focused on plumbing, welding, pipe fitting, and site utilities, Lee Mechanical expanded its services to include HVAC in the early 2000s and electrical in 2008. This expansion allowed Lee Mechanical to offer clients a comprehensive mechanical experience. In 2010, Mike Lee left the company to pursue other opportunities out West. The true turning point for HVAC and electrical services came with the addition of Brandon Quinn and Frank Ruffolo to the Lee team. Both Brandon and Frank not only became vital members of the company but also owners. While growing the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) group, Lee Mechanical remained committed to its service department, which has become one of the largest in SE Wisconsin, catering to plumbing, HVAC, and electrical needs.


Brandon Quinn, Bob Lee Jr. & Frank Ruffolo

Lee Franklin Flagpole

In 2019, Lee Mechanical further expanded its operations by opening the Oak Creek office in Milwaukee, solidifying its presence in the region. As the company continued to evolve after 40 years in business, its client base expanded, and attracting top talent became a priority. To reflect its growth, leadership changes, and broader focus on commercial and industrial building systems, Lee Mechanical underwent a rebranding in the fall of 2019, adopting its current name.

In April 2023, Lee Mechanical consolidated its offices to enhance efficiency and further improve its industry-leading customer service. The company’s mission remains steadfast: to provide customers with the best possible value for their services and products. Lee Mechanical achieves this by fostering a safe work environment, standing behind their products, and upholding unwavering commitments to their promises. With a dedicated and talented team, Lee Mechanical strives to provide employees with a best-in-class work environment. The company expresses its gratitude for the continued loyalty of its customers and eagerly looks forward to serving them in the future.