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Carol Igowski Spotlight

Carol embraces the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Lee, where she is surrounded by supportive colleagues. She values the diverse range of ideas and experiences that her coworkers bring to the table, fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Tammy Wilde Spotlight

In the bustling world of organizing community outreach events, family outings, and managing details related to Lee Mechanical projects, Tammy Wilde, Commercial Service Coordinator, thrives. Her passion for her work shines through in every aspect of her role.

Todd Hornsby Spotlight

Say hello to the newest addition to the Lee team. Todd Hornsby. With 25 years of industry experience, Todd is a seasoned safety manager who’s passionate about keeping everyone safe and creating a secure work environment. Todd's knowledge and [...]

Lee Mechanical: A Leader in Industrial Plant Projects and Large-Scale Wastewater Treatment System Installations

Navigating Complex Projects with Quality and Efficiency Lee Mechanical has established itself as a leader in the management and execution of industrial plant projects, including the installation of large-scale wastewater treatment systems. Their commitment to quality and efficiency, [...]

Adam DeBaere Spotlight

According to Plumbing Project Manager Adam DeBaere, one of Lee Mechanical's outstanding attributes is the core strength of the company's team. "Our team is like a family," shares DeBaere. "Everyone is willing to help everyone, and you never feel [...]

Onsite Crane Safety

At Lee Mechanical, safety is always top of mind, and we are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of our employees. Our exceptional client care is built on a commitment to safety, education, and performance. Our quality assurance [...]

Dan Van Duser Spotlight

Lee Mechanical Project Manager, Dan Van Duser, is committed to achieving and maintaining a high level of personal and organizational success. "It is my goal to be the kind of project manager I would have wanted as a field [...]

Chad Warnecke Spotlight

✔️ Quality ✔️ Longevity ✔️ Reputation ✔️ Respect According to Lee Mechanical Service Project Manager Chad Warnecke, these qualities make Lee Mechanical stand out, and they are characteristics he knows he can "get behind and support." "I am driven [...]

October: Fire Safety Month

Fire Safety at Lee At Lee Mechanical, the safety of our personnel and customers is paramount! Dedication to safety, education, and performance is at the foundation of our exceptional client care. Our quality assurance program ensures that we [...]

Lee Adopts Safety Helmets

Lee Adopts Safety Helmets Over the years, the construction industry has evolved in different ways, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of them. The traditional hard hat is one of the oldest and most used pieces of [...]