Dan Van Duser

Dan Van Duser


Since completing his apprenticeship with Steamfitters Local 601 in 2004, Lee Mechanical Project Manager Dan Van Duser has been working his way up through the industry, proving his dedication and tenacity for each task.

“I work hard to find the best solutions for each project,” shares Van Duser. “Whether it is something I’m working on myself or a project I’m managing with a team, finding the answers to each problem is key.”

With his extensive experience and knowledge, Van Duser is an asset to the company and its customers. In addition, his background as a foreman, general foreman, and superintendent made him a natural choice to lead teams at Lee Mechanical.

“I think its important to work closely with the entire team each step of the way,” he shares. “It’s my goal to finish each project safely, on time, on budget, and with a satisfied customer.”

When Van Duser is not hard at work on Lee projects, he enjoys spending time in nature hiking or on his mountain bike.