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Nikki Mueller


Nikki Mueller is the Service Office Manager at Lee Mechanical, who joined our team in 2024. Nikki brings over a decade of administrative expertise to her role, including three years in a management capacity, ensuring the smooth operation of our service office and contributing significantly to our team’s success.

Nikki’s academic background is as impressive as her professional experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Carroll University and an Associate of Arts and Science degree from the University of Waukesha. These educational achievements have equipped her with a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of her field.

One aspect of her job that Nikki particularly loves is the collaborative environment at Lee Mechanical. She thrives on working alongside her colleagues, combining efforts to devise optimal solutions, and values the supportive and team-oriented culture that defines our workplace.

Away from the office, Nikki’s adventurous spirit shines through. She is an avid boater, where she participates in poker runs for charity and enjoying pleasure boating across the United States with friends and family. Her love for the outdoors extends to off-roading in various parks around the country and riding trails up north, embodying her passion for exploration and adventure.

Nikki’s dedication, both in and out of the office, makes her an invaluable member of the Lee Mechanical team. Her ability to lead, collaborate, and drive positive outcomes is a testament to her role as a key player in our continued success.