Riley Construction

The Lee team involved with this project includes five plumbers and eight electricians; Kenosha-based Riley Construction is the General Contractor. The building broke ground in July 2018 and is expected to be ready for occupancy by July 2019. Lee designed and fully engineered the plumbing and electrical systems for all floors of the facility.

Lee plumbers have a variety of jobs to complete, which include:

  • Installing complete interior plumbing systems
  • Installing domestic water booster pump
  • Inserting storm and sanitary drain systems
  • Laying waste piping  (including sanitary, clearwater and backflow prevention)
  • Balancing hot water temperature controls throughout the system

On the electrical side, Lee designed both a Normal and Emergency branch wiring system throughout this four-story facility while incorporating a 150kW back-up generator into the emergency system. Keeping the client’s budget and the environment in mind, the Lee electrical team designed the par high-efficiency LED lighting and lighting control systems with dimming capabilities and occupancy sensors. These features offer the clinic the convenience of automatic lighting as well as being extremely cost-effective.

Lee technicians used Building Imaging Modeling (BIM) for efficiency and accuracy with this project. BIM software provides a computerized, in-depth interior view of a building. The Lee team utilizes BIM often, as it is a crucial part of removing any structural conflicts or issues between the different trades involved – well before the project even starts. With BIM, everything is built on the computer first, which saves  time and resources once the project kicks off. Incorporating this technology allowed Lee techs to adhere to Pleasant Prairie Clinic’s accelerated construction schedule.

The Trimble Total Robotic System was also used on the Pleasant Prairie Clinic project. This platform assists Lee technicians with properly placing all underground plumbing and all hangers for piping.