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Frank Ruffolo


Frank Ruffolo knew early on that he wanted to follow in the legacy of electricians in his family so he immediately began his apprenticeship with Local IBW 127. Frank worked his way up the ranks in his hometown of Kenosha from truck driver to material handler, to apprentice then a foreman and finally a project manager.  Today Frank serves as the Vice President and is a Principal for Lee Mechanical. 

Frank enjoys being part of building the team in the field at Lee and takes great pride that they’re all committed to going the extra distance to service customers.  He loves the challenge of being part of an industry that’s continually evolving and pushing Lee Mechanical to stay ahead of the curve through technology and installation system options.  

When Frank isn’t at work he’s sure to be found spending time up north or at home with his family, including his wife Corinne, and daughter Franki and son Braden.  He enjoys hobby farming, hunting and fishing, as well as making time to give back to the community by participating in local events.